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Love and Other Risky Business

Can an over-the-top risk-taker win the heart of his cautious, risk-averse best friend?


Larger-than-life Hollywood Stuntman Timothy Foley fears nothing. Falling off a building? Any time. Being set on fire? All in a day’s work.


Telling his best friend he’s been in love with her for years?


Chokes. Every. Time. For a man who knows how to use his body—in every way—his heart has a way of tripping him up.


Wardrobe department seamstress Mina Andrei doesn’t take risks—with her life or her heart. Between her day job and the slow steps she’s taking to build her eco-friendly underwear brand, she doesn’t have time. Her friendship with Timothy is all the excitement she can handle. So long as she can ignore the way he makes her stomach flutter.


When an on-set accident ends Timothy’s career and nearly his life, he’s done chickening out. Luckily, he’s already in the hospital because his clumsy marriage proposal crashes and burns. But with his parents offering Mina much-needed money to keep him out of trouble, he might get another chance to woo his bestie. Carefully.


LOVE AND OTHER RISKY BUSINESS is the first book in the Over the Top Love series. This friends to lovers, opposites attract romance features a chaotic bisexual hero and a careful demi-sexual heroine finding their Happily Ever After. It also contains explicit sex scenes and strong language.

Holiday Vibes

Working for a sex toy company after failing to make it in the art world, Jessie Foley knows a di—er, phallus—when she sees one. And her brother’s best friend—the reason she can’t paint—is definitely a phallus. She’d rather drink bad eggnog than stay under the same roof as the annoyingly hot celebrity for the holidays, but patching up her relationship with her brother means making nice with his friend.


Nic Fontana’s shirtless smolder rocketed him to the top of a massive superhero franchise even though he can’t act. Reeling from a recent divorce, unhappy in Hollywood, and facing a challenging script and a new director, he needs the support of the closest thing he has to a family now more than ever. What he doesn’t need is a dangerous attraction to his harshest critic, Jessie.


When a pair of mistletoe underwear spark a sexy encounter and the start of a secret holiday fling, Nic and Jessie are forced to come to terms with their complicated past and deeply-buried feelings. But when the holidays end, they’ll have to risk it all to find out if what they have is more than just vibes.


HOLIDAY VIBES is the second book in the Over the Top Love series. This enemies-with-benefits, brother’s best friend romance features a grumpy hero and a snarky, unlikable heroine finding their Happily Ever After. It can be read as a standalone. It also contains explicit sex scenes and strong language.

The Villain Edit

Ashley Foley is the bad girl everyone loves to hate—a role she embraced long before a series of betrayals branded her as one of reality TV’s all-time greatest villains. But now she’s too toxic to get work and worse, she just watched the man she loves walk down the aisle with the wrong woman—again.


What’s a bad girl to do?


Seduce the groom at the reception, of course.


But when the wrong man walks into the room, her plans blow up in her face.


Hollywood Golden Boy Gabriel Sinclair should have left that room the moment he sensed the trap. But getting caught with TV’s bad girl might give him the edge he needs to hold onto his gritty superhero role in the face of a fandom that sees him as too much of a do-gooder to play their beloved morally-gray superhero. And Ashley’s reputation could use his shine.


But fake dating means bringing Ashley on his cross-country road trip. She’s a temptation he can’t afford, especially once he realizes she might not be that bad after all. Because Gabriel Sinclair isn’t the good boy he’s been pretending to be.


THE VILLAIN EDIT is the third and final book in the Over the Top Love series and can be read as a standalone. This fake dating, road trip, celebrity romance features a starchy hero who isn’t what he seems and an unlikable heroine on a reluctant path to redemption finding their Happily Ever After. It also contains explicit sex scenes and strong language.

Recommended Reading Order

You can read these books in any order! But here's the thing...if you really pushed me, I'd tell you to read Holiday Vibes first. From there, you can decide if Timothy's story is one you'd want to read, or if he's the kind of character who would get on your nerves. Holiday Vibes also contains the first chapter of The Villain Edit at the back of the book, which will give you a taste of just how bad Ashley can be. And I feel like Holiday Vibes has the broadest appeal out of all three, so if you're going to pick up one of my books, I think that's the one I'd recommend.

Also, fun fact: I wrote Holiday Vibes first.

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