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Content Notes

I don't set out to write about trauma, grief, or triggering topics, however my characters often have some trauma in the past that informs their present-day lives. I've done my best to include things relevant to each book that some readers may wish to be informed about before deciding if one of my books is for them. There may be some spoilers ahead. Please take care of yourself, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me.

All my books contain multiple explicit, open-door consensual sex scenes and strong language.

Holiday Vibes

Content Notes:

On-page explicit sexual content (with plenty of consent).

On-page strong language.

Off-page death of parents (car crash). The hero's parents died about ten years prior to the start of the book and he has already dealt with the grief.

Off-page infidelity (hero’s ex). The hero is recently divorced. His ex had claimed he'd cheated, but she had. It's not a big part of his story.

On page injury (mild concussion) plus overnight in the hospital for observation. The hero slips on some ice and the injury calls back to another character's traumatic brain injury (which takes place in Love and Other Risky Business.

On-page alcohol use, sometimes heavy. Reference to past use of edibles. Reference to a side character drunkenly vomitting (off-page).

On-page mention of hero’s diet restrictions before and during filming. The hero has some feelings of disappointing others when he doesn't look like he does on screen.

Off-page mention of parental pressure. The hero's parents pressured him to be ambitious and succeed. He's not ambitious and lacks direction.

On-page gross men (a few remarks by a couple of side characters).

On-page unwanted sexual contact (not from the hero or heroine). The heroine's ass is grabbed by the blind date her mother sets her up with.

On-page fight (because of the unwanted sexual contact). The hero clocks the creep.

On-page gambling (betting on family events). More for bragging rights.

This might be very specific to creatives, but the heroine has a hard time dealing with rejection and gave up painting because of it.

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