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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Love and Other Risky Business, Holiday Vibes, and The Villain Edit be available as audiobooks?

I would love to see all my books in audio! However, at this time, I can't afford it, therefore I'd need to get an audio deal through my agent—something that's only possible if my books do well. You can help by leaving reviews on retail sites and places like GoodReads and StoryGraph, and by recommending these books!

You're books aren't in KU. Will they ever be?

Maybe one day. Follow me on social media (links at the bottom) or subscribe to my newsletter and you'll be the first to know if/when they go into KU. In the meantime, they are available to Kobo Plus subscribers!

Will so-and-so get a book?

By the time you get to read book one, I've already finished writing the series—check out my IG for teasers, or my newsletter for updates, but odds are, if you don't see your fave there, I won't be writing their book. The exception is novellas! I'm going to try to write at least one, probably two novellas per series, and those novellas will be free to newsletter subscribers!

How do I get one of these free novellas?

Subscribe to my newsletter, and when I release a freebie novella, I'll send out a bookfunnel link where you can download the ebook to read on your kindle or other device

So, the representation in your it own voices?

Yes! I am a bi-sexual, demi-sexual rising, and a number (though not all) of my characters are/will be  bi and/or demi. I don't always state it explicitly on page, but the clues are there.


Like Mina from Love and Other Risky Business, I suffered from debilitating periods (IUDs work for me, though, so I'm lucky). I'm also plus size and am currently writing a plus size heroine.


And let's address the Timbo in the room. While I'm not interested in the work involved in pursuing a diagnosis, I am confident I have ADHD—and very likely Timothy in Love and Other Risky Business does, too. I didn't set out to write him like that, but I very early on realized that I strongly identify with him (not because of the hobbies and job, either, I am #TeamMina there). And very likely Jessie also could be diagnosed as having ADHD, but like many girls and women, she's good at masking.

What's next?

June 2024: Storm Season is free to newsletter subscribers.

August 2024: A novella in the Over The Top Love universe! A Curvy Girls Guide to Teaching Your Grumpy Roommate How to be Good at Sex. It features Lauren and Jax, and fits between Holiday Vibes and The Villain Edit, although it can be read as a standalone. Free to newsletter subscribers.

October 2024: A final novella in the Over The Top Love universe, which will be a spin off to the next series. It can be read as a standalone. Free to newsletter subscribers.

2025: A new series! Dates and more info to come! Here's a hint: its the full banana.

Keep up to date by following me on social media (links below!) and/or subscribing to my newsletter!

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