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Content Notes

I don't set out to write about trauma, grief, or triggering topics, however my characters often have some trauma in the past that informs their present-day lives. I've done my best to include things relevant to each book that some readers may wish to be informed about before deciding if one of my books is for them. There may be some spoilers ahead. Please take care of yourself, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me.
All my books contain multiple explicit, open-door consensual sex scenes and strong language.

The Villain Edit

On page near drowning. The character does not require CPR or a trip to the hospital but is understandably shaken.

On page spanking that wasn’t discussed prior to delivery (but was enjoyed).

The hero was raised by a father involved in drug trafficking (a couple of flashbacks with some mention of violence) and went into the foster system (no flashbacks) briefly before being adopted by his maternal aunt. His mother left after he was born and he learns later that she died and learns on page that it was from a drug overdose twenty years prior.

The heroine’s parents neglect her when they aren’t involving her in their schemes and dramas.

Infidelity (not the main characters). The hero’s adoptive uncle had a secret second family. Also, the heroine starts the book trying (unsuccessfully) to seduce her cousin’s new husband.

The hero’s uncle passed away ten years prior after an unnamed illness.

The heroine’s house is broken into while she’s away. Feeling unsafe due to presence of people gathered outside house.

A hidden camera not intended to capture the main characters catches them having sex and is released to the public.

On page mention of a prior abortion (not a main character).

Alcohol use. Mention of past casual drug use.

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