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Content Notes

I don't set out to write about trauma, grief, or triggering topics, however my characters often have some trauma in the past that informs their present-day lives. I've done my best to include things relevant to each book that some readers may wish to be informed about before deciding if one of my books is for them. There may be some spoilers ahead. Please take care of yourself, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me.

All my books contain multiple explicit, open-door consensual sex scenes and strong language.

Love and Other Risky Business

Content Notes:

The hero suffers an on-page traumatic brain injury requiring surgery, hospitalization, and the ending of his career as a stunt performer (something he struggles with).

The heroine has had an elective hysterectomy due to complex issues resulting in painful periods. As such, she is infertile, something she is fine with and the hero is fine with. They remain child-free throughout the series.

While there is no cheating in this book, the heroine did catch her last boyfriend cheating on her.

The heroine's parents died in a rock climbing accident when she was four. She has no real memories of them. She was raised by her grandmother, who died when she was a young adult from illness.

There is alcohol use and the accidental ingestion of edibles.

This book does contain a consensual pegging scene.

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