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Storm Season Content Notes

This novella isn’t a campy romp like the movie Twister. There aren’t any rival chasers or goofy side-plots, no achievable character goal of keeping a storm-chasing TV show on air or capturing specific data with a newly invented tool. This is 42,000 words of two characters falling in love, often while dating other people, over the course of many storm seasons. It’s about missing chances and making mistakes. It’s more like a claustrophobic angst-bomb.


Is there emotional cheating? Both characters do their best to suppress their feelings for each other but their relationship does become very close, to the point where I think most people would feel that emotional cheating is happening.


What about cheating? There is a moment when things go to hell and a line is crossed. If you want to know more, clink on this link, which will take you to a hidden page on my website that describes this moment.

If you don’t enjoy reading romances with these elements, please give this one a miss.


Other content considerations: Severe weather including tornadoes. Mention of a tornado hitting a town, resulting in casualties (this occurs off-page and is not described in great detail). The main characters are also impacted by a tornado while driving, resulting in a crash (both are uninjured). As far as backstories go, one character has unsupportive parents, and the other lost his mother and had to step into a caretaking role for his younger sisters at a young age when his father couldn’t cope. While both backstories inform character behavior/motivation, they are only backstories and don’t get much page time.

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